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As cápsulas Coni-Snap® são uma forma versátil para os clientes? O que torna as cápsulas Coni-Snap® tão populares entre os clientes?

Constant technical improvement is just one of the reasons why customers around the world have been counting on Coni-Snap® two-piece capsules for over fifty years. For pharmaceutical and dietary supplement manufacturing customers, Coni-Snap capsules offer a wide range of advantages. The hard gelatin capsules can be produced using a simpler manufacturing process with fewer production steps while maintaining high quality standards. On the formulation side, hard gelatin capsules are a versatile container, offering numerous filling possibilities including granules, powders, liquids, semi-solids and mini-tablets. Coni‑Snap capsules are ideal for controlled release formulation as well. Consumers tend to prefer hard gelatin capsules since they are easy to swallow and mask tastes and odors.

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