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Capsugel in the News 2015


Dec. 17, 2015 Capsugel Double Acquisition Bolsters Dosage Forms Business (

Dec. 04, 2015 Empower Your Brand with Certifications (Nutrition Industry Executive)

Dec. 03, 2015 State of the Industry Review and Outlook for 2016 (Nutraceuticals World)

Dec. 02, 2015 Optimizing Semisolid Dosage Forms (

Nov. 30, 2015 An Interview with... Ajay Damani, Senior Director, Global Pharmaceutical Business Development, Capsugel (Pharmaceutical Outsourcing)

Nov. 23, 2015 Bend Research Inventerprise Winners Announced (

Nov. 03, 2015 Capsugel Unveils Veterans Lobby (GWD Today)

Oct. 29, 2015 Vegetarian-Friendly Supplements (Natural Products Insider)

Oct. 26, 2015 Capsugel's Sven Stegemann Elected as 2015 AAPS Fellow (

Oct. 20, 2015 Defining the Future of Nutraceuticals and Natural Products (AAPS blog)

Oct. 08, 2015 ICSE Exhibitor Showcase "5 Minute Interviews" (CPhI Worldwide)

Oct. 07, 2015 Capsugel Expands Veggie DRcaps Line to Make Capsules Suitable for Liquid-Fill Needs (

Oct. 05, 2015 Formulation Development Technology - A Novel Drug Delivery System that Offers Zero-Order / Near Zero-Order Release Profile of Low-Dosage Strength Tablets Containing Highly Soluble Actives (Drug Development & Delivery)

Oct. 02, 2015 Stretching Product Value Through Reformulation Strategies (

Sep. 30, 2015 Why High Potency Drugs Require a Specialized Approach (EPM Magazine)

Sep. 30, 2015 Dietary Supplement Capsules Challenges and Trends (Nutritional Outlook)

Sep. 14, 2015 ICSE Exhibitor Showcase: 5 Minute Interviews (CPhI Worldwide)

Sep. 11, 2015 Quality by Design in Solid-Dosage Manufacturing (

Sep. 11, 2015 A Matter of Taste (

Sep. 08, 2015 Implementing an Effective Clean Label Strategy for Food Supplements (Nutraceuticals Now)

Sep. 08, 2015 Putting Quality First in Development and Manufacturing (European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Magazine)

Sep. 01, 2015 Empower Your Brand with Certifications (Nutrition Industry Executive)

Sep. 01, 2015 Spray-Dried Dispersions - Developing Process Control Strategies for the Manufacture of Spray-Dried Dispersions (Drug Development & Delivery)

Sep. 01, 2015 Bend Research Blazes Technology Trail (Cascade Business News)

Sep. 01, 2015 Looking for Non-GMO Empty Capsules? Capsugel was the First to Have Theirs Verified (Nutrition Industry Executive)

Aug. 24, 2015 Key Considerations in Excipients Selection for Solid Dosage Forms (

Aug. 18, 2015 Considerations in spray dry drug development for inhalation delivery: An albuterol case study (Inhalation Magazine)

Aug. 13, 2015 Special Delivery (Natural Product INSIDER)

Aug. 10, 2015 A Cat and Mouse Game: The Evolving Landscape of Abuse-Deterrent Formulations (The Medicine Maker)

Jul. 28, 2015  Surviving the Stomach takes Center Stage in World of Probiotic Innovation (Nutra Ingredients -

Jul. 22, 2015  Capsugel Expanding Encap Plant on Rising HPAPI Demand (

Jul. 01, 2015  Capsugel Completes $25m SDD Expansion at Bend Site (In-Pharma Technologist)

Jul. 01, 2015  You're So Special(ist)! (Nutraceuticals World)

Jun. 26, 2015  De-mystifying Lipid-Based Formulations (PharmaAsia)

Jun. 02, 2015  Capsule Technology - Enteric Capsule Drug Delivery Technology – Achieving Protection Without Coating (Drug Development & Delivery)

May 24, 2015  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Index-Journal)

May 20, 2015  The Importance of Collaboration: An Interview with Capsugel’s Peter Zambetti (Nutra Ingredients)

May 18, 2015  Capsugel Infographic Highlights Clean Label Demand in Europe (Nutraceuticals World)

May 14, 2015  Shifting Pharma's Mindset: Viewing Quality as Value Creator, Not Cost (Pharmaceutical Online)

May 12, 2015  The Clean Label Trend in Supplements (

May 08, 2015  Nanotechnology Applications in Drug Delivery (Drug Discovery & Development)

May 06, 2015  Capsugel Focusing on Inhaled Biotherapeutics from Bend Facility (

May 05, 2015  Ensuring Stability (Nutrition Industry Executive)

Apr. 09, 2015  Boosting Solubility in Lipid-Based Formulations (Pharmaceutical Technology eBook)

Apr. 08, 2015  Understanding Why Consumers Rank Capsules As a Favorite Delivery Form for Supplements (Whole Foods Magazine)

Apr. 06, 2015  Non-GMO: What Does The Future Hold? (Vitamin Retailer Magazine)

Mar. 13, 2015  Glycosylation: The Key to Quality (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)

Mar. 06, 2015  Solid Dosage Manufacturing Trends (Contract Pharma)

Mar. 03, 2015  2015 CMO Leadership Awards - Capsugel an Award Recipient (Life Science Leader)

Feb. 12, 2015  Capsugel Expands its Science and Engineering (Pharmaceutical Processing)

Jan. 21, 2015  Capsules and Capsule Filling (Tablets & Capsules)

Jan. 19, 2015  Innovative Excipients in Solid-Dosage Manufacturing (Pharmaceutical Technology)


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